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Since January 2005, JWL Consulting, Inc. (JWL) has provided a breadth and depth of core capabilities
to support DLA’s Global Distribution Network Optimization and Stock Positioning Strategy few other
firms can provide.  Our key capabilities and strengths are summarized by:
· Experience - Combined decades of supply chain and logistics experience working for DLA
and commercial companies
· Expertise - Responsible for the design, implementation and current updates to the EBS
Planning Systems in support of the distribution and inventory stock positioning strategy
· Thought Leadership - Creatively solve complex DLA distribution network challenges
based on our knowledge of DLA requirements, supply chain management principles,
disciplines and systems as well as analytical insight
· Reliability - Proven record of success and demonstrated performance with timely execution
· Speed - Highly productive; efficient and effective analytical design making and system

JWL is comprised of highly talented resources led by our founder, Jim Laxton.  Jim has supported DLA
as a key architect and designer of the EBS Planning System for the past 10 years.
JWL’s three-phased methodology - Diagnose, Design and Deliver - is a proven approach to creating
value to meet client objectives while mitigating risks.  This approach combined with JWL’s unique blend
of talents and capabilities (project management, functional and technical expertise) will deliver the
“Best Value” in helping clients achieve stock positioning goals and objectives.
JWL can be a prime contracting resource and partner to help satisfy key customer service
requirements while being more cost effective and productive in order to achieve future goals and
objectives.  We bring a deep knowledge of commercial best practices in Supply Chain and Logistics
Management from our commercial experience.